eMobc – Mobile Application Development Framework

Open source framework for generation of web, mobile web and native IOS and Android apps

develop mobile applications quickly and easily using XML


multiplataforma Multiplatform
eMobc currently supports the following native platforms: iOS, Android and HTML5. Being open source don’t wait to create a new platform. It is easy and simple using the framework.
pantallas Screens
eMobc supports 19 types of screens to build your application. Screens with text, maps, forms, calendars and more. Extends the framework and supports your new screen or use existing ones to provide new functionality to your applications.
offline-online Offline Online
The entire framework is capable of both offline and online. Imagine having your content within the mobile device to save on bandwidth or outsource your services to be dynamic and can consume the web or external services. This way you get a fully dynamic platform.
Cliente / Servidor Client Server
The framework allows integration with external services. Through forms generate dynamic navigation. Can you imagine talking to an external service and have the ability to generate the entire application on the fly? This is already possible with eMobc.
Estilos Styles
The entire platform supports themes and styles so that they can be dynamically created to improve the appearance. Given the ability of offline / online, you can imagine and customize the style of your application dynamically.
Notificaciones Notifications
Each of the frameworks support notifications natively. Perform push notifications in your applications. Currently supported IOS (PUSH) and Android (GCM).
All platforms support advertising. Currently supports Admob (allowing local advertising) and Premium YOC network.
html5 HTML5 Code
Although the power of the framework lies in making fully native applications based on XML-definition screens, you can develop hybrid applications with web container.
menus Menus
Configure the navigation with the top, bottom, or sidebar menus.
rotacion Rotation
There is rotation support on all platforms and screens.
Support for smartphones and tablets. Help us develop new formats (TV, Displays, Hardware).
funcionalidadesOther features
These features include text to speech, sharing in social network, transitions, and more!
xml XML
Screens and navigation use XML.
nativo Native
All components are developed natively in the language of each platform.
opensource Open-source
Developed and maintained in community GitHub.
extensible Extensible
Create new features, screens or platforms and open to new possibilities with eMobc.


splash Splash
Home screen of the application
cover Cover
Cover of the application with buttons.
gallery Gallery
Photo Gallery.
pdf PDF
Viewing PDFs.
qr QR
QR Reader.
html5 Web
HTML5 Web Container.
listado iconos List
List with icons.
video Video
Viewing videos.
mapas Map
Geolocation maps.
search Search
Search contents.
formulario Form
imagen texto Image Text
Image with text.
zoom Image Zoom
Full screen scrollable image.
listado imagen Image List
List with image.
calendario Calendar
Calendar with events
botonera Buttons
cuestionario Quiz
Questionnaire questions or adventures.
audio Audio
Audio viewing and playing.
canvas Canvas
Drawn and stroke.
nueva New
Develop a new screen that suit your needs.

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android Android
eMobc implements screens with full functionality natively with Android SDK in Java.
ios IOS
eMobc implements screens with full functionality natively with iOS SDK in Objective C.
html5 HTML 5
eMobc implements the screens with full functionality using web technologies with Jquery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS3.
mas plataformas Más
eMobc is more than a platform is a way to define new XML platforms. Follow the documentation and create a version of eMobc for another platform. Windows Phone? Blackberry? Playbook? Symbian?

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