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The Wiki is an official tool for consultation and documentation of the community. It is hosted on Github and is edited by the eMobc team and senior workers and contributors. Have first-order information for understanding the operation of the framework and directions for improvement on this.

Also have a section for applications and projects undertaken by the community eMobbers.

eMobc Android Wiki

eMobc IOS Wiki

eMobc HTML5 Wiki

Updated information about our progress, news, articles and commentaries on the mobile sector. Learn while you have fun with the eMobc team.

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Is eMobc opensource?

Yes, the entire framework is released under Affero GPLv3 license.

Is eMobc multiplatform?

Yes, eMobc currently supports Android, iOS and HTML5.

Is eMobc extensible?

Yes, you can add new screens to the framework. Following the documentation there is a simple guide to create new screens.

Can I create a new platform?

Yes, based on the model of screens, XML parser, logic controllers and screens, you can create new platforms. See documentation to create a new platform.

A mailing list for developers has been opened on Google Groups. For more information: eMobc Mailing List