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Build mobile applications easily and on-line using XML

Control Panel eMobc Cloud


eMobc XML Creation
Allows developers to create navigation and content of the application with the framework quickly and easily creating apps quickly.
eMobc Screens
Allows to choose screens with text, maps, forms, calendars and more.
eMobc Appearance
Define the appearance of the application, the top and bottom menus, the layout, the starting point of the application, the icon and splash, etc..
eMobc Contents
Lets give access their customers so they can edit and manage content.
eMobc Ads
Allow you to choose advertising.
eMobc Download
Create a skeleton and download the framework with XML and images on different platforms to extend and create new features or publish directly to the marketplace.
eMobc User Profiles
Lets have multiple user profiles (publisher, developer).
eMobc Templates
Allows download templates in PHP to create dynamic displays according to external services from forms.
eMobc Notifications
Send notifications to published applications in the market from a single interface (HTML5, Android and IOS).
eMobc Stats
Allows users to generate graphical assets and application downloads.

Versions control panel

  Community Pro Enterprise
XML Creation si si si
Basic Screens si si si
Appearance si si si
Contents Edition si si si
Advanced Screens si si si
Remote Content Management si si si
Ads si si si
Download si si si
User Profiles si si si
Templates si si si
Notifications si si si
Stats si si si
In-House no no si
eMobc Support no no si

(*) All products are conditioned to a minimum 1 year contract.